Team Language Learning

Language is the foremost important tool that one needs in order to start a life in a new country. For refugees this is no different. Not speaking German is one of the biggest impediments for them to start over in Germany and get back to their profession. Particularly highly skilled professionals such as medical doctors,[…]


Team Housing and Integration

The housing and integration team focusses on finding solutions to the housing issue and the lack of integration within the refugee crisis. Refugees have to overcome many barriers in finding accommodation. Lacking trust of potential landlords, language and cultural barriers, legal uncertainties, as well as lacking knowledge on how to search for an accommodation, are[…]


Team Empowerment

“We don’t lack motivation, we lack opportunities.” (Mohammed, 25) Imagine you have nothing to do but sitting around and waiting. Every single day. For six months. Nine months. Or more. Would that bore you? Make you feel useless? Discourage you? This is why we are working on creating opportunities. To find motivation and self-determination, many[…]